"SOA Training: SOA architecture examples and services that can easily be reused and integrated within the customer's mission critical projects."

SOA for Managers and Architects - 2 days

Aligning Business with IT

SOA training: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is a leading technology direction for an increasing number of IT groups that are trying to create integrated and consistent solutions throughout their organization. Although many implementation details of SOA, including the supporting services technologies, are well understood, there has been very little analysis of the impact of SOA on the management decision making process. Organizations most successful in implementing SOA and services will be those who understand the technology fundamentally, but more importantly, understand the new decision matrix that it creates and how these decisions ultimately impact long term planning. This course covers a range of topics from an understanding of the management issues presented by SOA, to a practical look at the details of SOA legacy enablement.

Service Architecture

Our SOA training extends the IT capabilities of our enterprise customers through greater understanding and methodological deployment of best practices for service oriented architectures. Our clients understand that the foundation to business and the cornerstone of IT is structured development of their most important resources - People. Corporations recognize the immediate value of combining cross-technology application standards such as services under a SOA umbrella. The ability to embrace SOA leads to the ability to leverage existing technologies and rapidly capitalize on future IT investments. Our training combines the best of both technical aspects and management issues to result in a curriculum that can be successfully applied to your IT organization.


Planned courses:

Date Place Language
17-18 January Brussels English
12-13 February Brussels Dutch
15-16 April Brussels French
24-25 June Brussels English
11-12 September Brussels Dutch
11-12 December Brussels English
"SOA training: an in-depth view of Service Oriented Architecture best practices, governance and anti patterns"
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Open training
1.195,00 EUR per person
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