BPR - 2 days

Business Process Reengineering

BPR Training: if it is done properly, BPR is one of the most effective ways of making organizational change which has real impact on the customers.

Business Process Reengineering Tools & Techniques

Internal efficiency is achieved by examining how we can run the business with fewer hand-offs, barriers, formal communications and less waiting time. Competitive advantage often involves working with the customers on assisting them with their business so that you can both be more effective. 

Participants will obtain first hand guidance on BPR best practices as well as tips and tricks for efficient BPR and TQM practices.

At course completion, students will be able to:

  • Use Genuine's BPR process reengineering curriculum
  • Apply an Innovative BPR methodology
  • Use an integrated, structured framework
  • Apply the newest features of UML 2.2 and BPMN for BPR
  • Provide Business Process Management & Reengineering advice
  • Use cutting edge principles of Enterprise Knowledge Management
  • Understand the links to Lean Six Sigma
  • Apply Enterprise Performance Management (ePM)
  • Use Balanced Scorecards
  • Know how to Translate strategy into action
895,00 excl. VAT
Empower yourself with the disciplines and methodologies you need to transform your organization into an agile enterprise.

Customised & Onsite

Bring a Genuine course onsite - train an entire team, specify course content & duration, choose dates to suit your schedule. Delivery at your office or our centre - Inspiring, subject-matter expert instructor. Face-to-face or Live-Online delivery

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