Lean IT

Qualified and Certified - 2 days

How capable are you, your team, and your organization in terms of responding quickly and efficiently, with quality and continuous improvement, to high-velocity demands ?

Apply the principles of Lean IT practices:

Lean thinking is a widely adopted improvement approach that can greatly simplify processes and improve performance in both manufacturing and service organisations. Lean recognises that most of an organisation’s processes are at best 40% value adding. Effectively applying Lean principles and tools can significantly improve the percentage of value added time, reduce process timescales; and reduce waste and the associated costs.

After you complete the course, you’ll be able to:

  • Prioritise improvement activities for greatest organisational impact
  • Lead teams in applying Lean and Six Sigma methodologies
  • Define improvement projects that satisfy customer requirements
  • Measure inputs and outputs to provide meaningful data
  • Analyse data to identify the root causes of variability
  • Improve selected processes to reduce variability, including the use of designed experiments
  • Improve processes to reduce variability
  • Control processes to prevent reoccurrence of variation and consolidate gains
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Empower yourself with the disciplines and methodologies you need to transform your organization into an agile enterprise.

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