and Agile Essentials - 2 days

SCRUM Training: discover SCRUM techniques and best practices that can easily be reused and integrated within a broad range of mission critical projects.

Agile Development

Our SCRUM training extends the capabilities of enterprise development teams through greater understanding and methodological deployment of agile techniques. Leading a Scrum team is radically different than traditional project management. Rather than plan, instruct, and direct, the leader of a Scrum team (called a Scrum Master) facilitates, coaches, and leads.

Participants will obtain first hand guidance on agile best practices as well as tips and tricks for efficiently introducing agile within the organization.

At course completion, students will be able to:

  • Understand the key terms and concepts in SCRUM
  • Use major methodologies and techniques for implementing Agile
  • Define the various technologies that support Agile
  • Learn to use a whiteboard to visualize progress of work
  • Map written business cases to epics and stories
  • Be able to start working within a Scrum Team
  • Learn how to use effective agile estimation techniques
  • Be able to explain and promote the Scrum framework to your organisation
  • Know how to apply Scrum in the real world- even if you're working from home
  • Understand agility metrics
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Empower yourself with the disciplines and methodologies you need to transform your organization into an agile enterprise.

Customised & Onsite

Bring a Genuine course onsite - train an entire team, specify course content & duration, choose dates to suit your schedule. Delivery at your office or our centre - Inspiring, subject-matter expert instructor. Face-to-face or Live-Online delivery

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