BPM - 2 days

Business Process Management

BPM Training: BPM is more than modeling. BPM Suites let you execute your process model - automate the workflow, integrate external systems, enforce business rules, and monitor process performance.

Business Process Management Tools & Techniques

Our BPM training will teach you how to automate and manage a broad range of business workflows. We will examine the automation steps within a typical process in which work items are passed from one participant to another for action, according to a set of business rules.

Participants will obtain first hand guidance on BPM best practices as well as tips and tricks for efficient process governance practices. This training also prepares you for the OMG OCEB2 certification.

At course completion, students will be able to:

  • Understand the key terms and concepts in BPM
  • Use major methodologies and techniques for implementing BPM
  • Define the various technologies that support BPM
  • Learn to discriminate between process and rules requirements
  • Map written business cases into process areas and rule sets
  • Understand variations in strategies between rules-centric and process centric approaches
  • Develop business intelligence from process description & rule sets
  • Define rules interfaces that are truly flexible
  • Re-engineer existing system and data process for increased IT productivity
  • Understand agility metrics
895,00 excl. VAT
Empower yourself with the disciplines and methodologies you need to transform your organization into an agile enterprise.

Customised & Onsite

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