Sparx SysML

Enterprise Architect - 3 days

Deep analysis, traceability and simulation of highly advanced and complex products. Used for industry-leading, mission-critical production environments.

Advanced Case Tool for Engineers

Manage the full lifecycle of your system requirements from elicitation until realization of the hard -and sofware. Our SysML training presents a complete process for visualizing requirements, simulating them for correctness, and recording them clearly, comprehensibly and unambiguously.

Upon completion of the Sparx SysML training course delegates will have gained a practical knowledge of the SysML Language and Enterprise Architect (EA). This will allow them to immediately start working on engineering projects using SysML and Enterprise Architect.

What you will learn:

  • Usage of EA Sparx systems modeler
  • The different SysML diagrams
  • SysML diagramming techniques
  • EA Sparx options  and settings
  • How to search the project for artefacts
  • How to draw the SysML Requirements and Use Case diagram
  • Discussion on application within iterative development methodologies
  • Common issues and their solutions
  • Internal and External requirements in EA Sparx
  • Block Definition diagram, Internal Block diagram
  • Satisfying and tracing requirements
  • SysML Activity and State diagrams
  • Importing and Exporting requirements
  • Relationship tables and Instance creation
  • Port Types and usage, simulating communication
  • Usage of Blackbox and Whitebox system representation
  • How to draw a SysML Sequence diagram
  • Drawing Parametric diagrams
  • Sending and receiving signals
  • Communication between diagrams through signals
  • Advanced simulation options
  • Defining a EA Sparx SysML project template for the organization
€1.895,00 excl. VAT
Solid overview of design aspects and tool-specific techniques so that you will leave with a well-rounded knowledge.

Public Schedule

"Hands-On" courses run regularly in Brussels. Fully equipped air-conditioned training centre. In-Person attendance. Remote attendance via web link. Inspiring, subject-matter expert instructors.

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